Thursday, May 3, 2007

Queen's day: the dutch


Anonymous said...

"And as a finishing touch, God created the Dutch" (Genesis 1:1-2:10)

No comments ;), Just read the Bible, "het boek voor u". Why?
1) It has been a best-seller for ages.
2) There is a guy with superpowers, he turns water into wine, perfect for parties!
3) There is a secret code inside that predicts all the murders in the past, present and future. (Note: there is also a secret code in Moby Dick, see Michael Drosnin)
4) You get extra points for going to Heaven, where you can watch your pagan and heretic friends burn in hell forever. Cool, isn't it?

Kusjes van Amsterdam
Great Jungle Gods, protect this blog (animistic me).

Kleurenvanger said...

hmmm... nice try but you haven't convinced me yet :-)

maybe i should try moby dick :-P