Thursday, May 3, 2007

amsterdam the day before: back at the 8th floor


Anonymous said...

Back to the 8th... same ugly building that we called "home" not so long ago. Same dirty walls. Same doors, now protected with... metal covers? That's just a provocation!
Stains on the carpet, whispers of uncountable parties. Joy and grief all the way up to the top floor. Memories and smiles all the way up to the top floor.
And the Sacred Wall, still standing up there, challenging the time, the cleaners and Jelle. The Sacred Wall, where all our names are.
The Mystic Wall, where all our heights are. Nobody knows why the new guests just continued it, without knowing why, how or when. For them we are the Elders. The origin of the Evil, the center of the center.
Back to the 8th floor... same ugly building where the magic happends.

Kusjes van Miguel

Kleurenvanger said...

weird to be back indeed... when i was in amsterdam some months ago, i didn't want to go back to the guesthouse. since all my friends had left, there would be nothing but uglyness and dirt... but with you and griet and the sacred wall, it felt a little bit like home after all. we left something behind; the building still is ours. just a little bit :-)