Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I finally found a nice place to post my pictures (thanks to the messias ;-) ). I hope it will work well... and i hope you will all enjoy my photos.
Feel free to leave a comment!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations for your blog!
You did it in quite a short time, to me, it takes ages: first I think a lot about it, and then I leave it for tomorrow.
Anyways, good luck with it, I just hope there will be sooner more pics of me (that means I'll be with you, doesn't it?)
A big big big hug from the spaniard who just went from the land of the canal to the land of the canals.

Kleurenvanger said...

thx! it went quickly indeed... i was just too anxious to show you, iris and griet the pictures of last week :-). I'm afraid that the updates won't come so soon... but i'll do my best. In the mean time i hope your comments will keep my space alive :-)