Sunday, July 26, 2009

Monsoon Wedding

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julio said...

Hello Astrid

It is Julio.
We used to live together at the guesthouse in Amsterdam during Erasmus. I am the mexican guy from 1st floor. How are you doing?

I heard from Miguel your live has been really interesting. Your name poppoed up from our conversation because besides Miguel's crazy future adventures in Africa, I want to travel to some places myself this year.

One of my big ones this year is actually Nepal, I plan to go for 2.5 months and I know nothing about the country!.
I want to travel but also want desperately to get involved in a social, voluntary type of activity if possible. Miguel (the one that looked like a blond jesuschrist) told me you are married to a nepalese!

Could you share info with me regarding VISA, chances you are in nepal or will be around October -November this year or opportunities about voluntary work?

Thanks and I will love to hear from you!


By the way, I live in Amsterdam and my number is +31623607291