Thursday, August 2, 2007

The visit of Miguel (aka Jesus) and Laura


Anonymous said...

A little explanation about the pics:

In the Gent fortress:

1) "Ok, let it to me, let it to me, I'll show you how to take a picture"

2) "What?"

3) "Happy Laura!"

4) "Supermodel me!" (was this the picture repeated 4 times? damn non-digital cameras ;)

5) "Toledo! cazzo! for Borjito!!!"

Why they let me take the picture in #1?
Why was Laura smiling in #3?
Why Toledo in #5?
What we were doing at the fortress?
Why we were visiting Gent?
What did we saw?
Where is the best spot in Gent? (ok, a clue, zoom in and check the reflection of the photographer in our eyes... that space, the space beween the picture and the reflections summarize everything, the great photographer that is not seen, the people ho where posing at her... that dimension made with the people perceptcion... that moment... cool, eh?)
How many Belgium beers are available in the dirtiest bar in the town "de fiets"?
Why the blue dude that used to be in my room decided to stay at Astrid's place?
Why was my left shoe lost for half hour and appear on the stage of that celtic concert?
Why it was so difficult for me to learn the steps of the Rondo (and every dance)? I am not retarded, ok? we prefer to be called "little people".
Why was everybody dancing and in Ortigueira (biggest folk festival in Spain) nobody is? why in Spain everybody is drunk and stonned? (or high) Maybe chemicals don't let you dance?
Why the "starfish" is called "fish" if it is a Echinodermata and not an Osteichties?
What misterius forces made me left my spanish lazines and take a train? What dark powers attracted me to Gent? Is it the Call of Cthulhu that Lovecraft wrote about? is it something worse?
Why I miss Gent people so much?
What kind of psicological border is between Belgium and the Netherlands?
Why the next day the Marseillaise became the official national anthem of Belgium according to the new Prime Minister?
Why nobody was dancing when I was playing a 3 note harmonica tune on the stage with 2 gorgeus dancers?
Why Pieterjan will be an awesome warrior if he didnt't have the chance to pull my beard?
Why planes have a life-vest under your seat... why not a parachute?
And... why I started missing you before I left?

I miss you all!
I love you all!
Thanks for such a great time! I hope we'll be back soon!
Astrid! thanks for you efforts uploading the pics! And for everything! And greetings to your parents and your cat!

And... could anyone answer any of the questions? I cannot live like this!

Kleurenvanger said...

Q1: because you didn't give us a choice
Q2: because she's a nice person
Q3: euh... because they didn't find a place ugly enough for this horrible statue?
Q4: entertaining the other visitors?
Q5: wood?
Q6: hey! why are you asking somtehing and giving the answer at the same time?
Q7: aha, it's a trick! bar 'de fiets' is probably some dutch bar where they only sell heiniken :-P (ours is called 't velooke')
Q8: hmmmm, haven't figured out yet... maybe he wants to see the world...but i think he's missing you already. he won't eat nor speak :-(
Q9: maybe something to do with your enthousiastic dance style?
Q10: i guess it's just too hard (and too boring) for you to dance just as the people around you :-)
Q11:bad musicians?
Q12: because the english didn't know there was a difference? (in dutch they're not called fish!)
Q13: it's a mysterious potion... called CHOCOLATE
Q14: because we're the nicest of course (and because we have CHOCOLATE)
Q15: a deep one
Q16: don't be pessimistic... he's not the prime minister yet. i keep my hopes up...
Q17: because they were too impressed to move? or maybe you should work on the rythm section...
Q18: he will be raised with beer and chocolate (and pull your beard sooner or later anyway)
Q19: gosh... you got me... there are still things in this world beyond my understanding
Q20: couldn't say but i had the same problem...

love you too miguel! come back soon, and bring a lot of friends nice as laura!



ampersand said...

Wouw! Die foto's in het Gravensteen zijn niet mis... De stenen zijn heel fotogeniek (en Jezus en co ook hoor :D).